The Art of Mountain Biking
The Art of Mountain Biking
48. Push Past Your Edge: Find Growth By Challenging Limits

48. Push Past Your Edge: Find Growth By Challenging Limits

The edge marks the boundary of a limitation. How can we push past it?

This episode dives into the topic of limits—both physical and mental. We discuss our personal experiences of hitting edges while mountain biking, how it manifests differently for everyone, and how to recognize and work with your edge.

Themes and topics:

  • Identifying physical and mental limits through breath loss and other physiological indicators

  • Backing off from the edge to recruit skills, breathwork, and other resources

  • Playing at the edge mindfully to stretch limits and enter a flow state for enhanced learning

  • Recognizing edges manifest differently for everyone based on personality and situation

  • Supporting others who are at their limit without being overbearing

  • Managing emotions like fear, anger, and vulnerability when hitting a limit

  • Finding edges in various areas of life like work, relationships, health and wellness

  • Expanding the "window of tolerance" through challenging comfort zones in a safe way

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Resources mentioned in this episode:


Ellie Herman’s Pilates Reformer

Episode 47 with Melissa Gill

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