The Art of Mountain Biking
The Art of Mountain Biking
20. Risk, Injury, and Healing w/Colton Brockbank

20. Risk, Injury, and Healing w/Colton Brockbank

Extreme sports enthusiast and Nitro Circus alumnus Colton Brockbank joins the podcast to discuss healing from injury—as an athlete, and also in a deeper way.

Colton is an extreme sports athlete, director, marketer, and coach who rode a snowboard on wheels and “did some trash can things” for Nitro Circus.

We talk about:

Things that come up in the face of injury [9:50]

How we forget skills after injury [10:42]

Risk and window of tolerance [14:22]

Performative self worth and deeper causes of injury [17:48]

The “no” energy of injuries [28:25]

Finding replacement outlets [29:28]

Sports-as-coping vs sports-as-expression [35:55]

Stress inoculation and post-traumatic growth [40:23]

Is how you do one thing how you do everything? [45:28]

Referenced in this episode:

We referenced a couple other episodes again, including our Fall Better episode and our conversation with Antonio Garcia.

Stress inoculation (here’s a cool Nature article about it) and post-traumatic growth.

When Jamie mentions “crest,” she’s talking about the Wasatch Crest trail.

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