The Art of Mountain Biking
The Art of Mountain Biking
21. Line Choice

21. Line Choice

When you choose a line, you're making a commitment—to a direction and to an experience. Viewing line choice as a commitment frees us from myopia and opens us up to creativity and flow.

We talk about:

Three ways to approach line choice [3:30]

The fast line [4:20]

What is actually fast? [5:48]

Things to push against to go fast [9:15]

Going over braking bumps [13:52]

The safe line [16:15]

Line choice when riding behind others [22:24]

The fun line [27:27]

Ways to ride the same lines, differently [31:40]

What to do on a bad line [36:53]

Line choice and trail etiquette [38:39]

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