The Art of Mountain Biking
The Art of Mountain Biking
23. The Physics of Getting Air w/ Sam Buckmiller

23. The Physics of Getting Air w/ Sam Buckmiller

There are many tips out there for how to get air, but tips are different than understanding the theory and physics at play with your bike, body, and the terrain when you leave the ground.

Sam Buckmiller, co-owner and Head Coach of SimplyMTB, rejoins the podcast to help flesh out the relationship between the many components at play when jumping or dropping on the bike.

We talk about:

Jumping can be safe [7:45]

Learning to jump as a kid vs. as an adult [8:55]

How a jump works [11:30]

Pedal choice for jumping [12:12]

Front wheel lift [13:30]

Building a relationship with the jump (aww) [15:08]

The physics of a drop [23:39]

The role of fear [26:00]

Understanding the ‘why’ after a fall [30:57]

Angulation and body position for air [39:59]

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