The Art of Mountain Biking
The Art of Mountain Biking
24. The Art of Mountain Biking w/ Albert Flynn DeSilver

24. The Art of Mountain Biking w/ Albert Flynn DeSilver

It's easy to speak about mountain biking on the surface level. But speaking to its potential for transcendence, ecstasy, and yes, art, is another thing entirely--thus, we called in a poet to help.

Albert Flynn DeSilver has been an obsessive mountain biker for over 30 years. He is a trail advocate and wilderness explorer. Albert is also an internationally published writer, speaker and teacher who has worked with thousands of kids as a California Poet in the Schools, served as a county Poet Laureate, and taught writing workshops throughout North America at places like the Esalen Institute, the Omega Institute, and the British Institute in Paris. He has given a TEDx talk and bombed spectacularly, and then dusted himself off to go on to host and share the stage with writer-luminaries like Elizabeth Gilbert, Cheryl Strayed, Maxine Hong Kingston and many others. Albert writes, rides and resides in Northern California.

We talk about:

Reaching a transcendent state on a bike [6:03]

The taboo of ecstasy [9:33]

Moving meditation [12:45]

How family history/upbringing can inform our practice [14:27]

Using mtb to check in or check out [20:12]

The art of mountain biking [24:36]

The demand of mtb to pay attention [28:20]

The social component of the sport [32:30]

Grief on the trail [37:42]

Dancing and doodling [44:09]

Referenced in this episode:

Singletrack Mind by Albert Flynn DeSilver

Writing as a Path to Awakening, also by Albert

Miracles” by Walt Whitman

Delores LaChapelle

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