The Art of Mountain Biking
The Art of Mountain Biking
30. Dexterity and Bike/Body Separation

30. Dexterity and Bike/Body Separation

Good bike/body separation is key to leveling up as a beginner or even an intermediate rider. When each element of your body, the bike, and the trail work in concert, you achieve dexterity on the bike.

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Pepe Romero talks about finger independence at about 5:22 of this video. It’s just beautiful.

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Rider Brandon Semenuk (check this out)

Centrifugal force is an outward force that pushes away from an axis of rotation on a revolving object. This is why it would be the force that pushes you into a berm, for example, because your force is moving outward away from the direction you’re turning.

Barrel roll trail in St. George, Utah

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