The Art of Mountain Biking
The Art of Mountain Biking
28. Moving Through Space

28. Moving Through Space

Enhancing how our bodies move through space and time is a major step toward health and longevity. This episode gives a lot on proprioception, touches on racheting, and gets quite anthropological.

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We talk about:

Labor Day and sheep [1:49]

Knowing how our bodies move through space [8:03]

Proprioception as critical to meaningfully interact with the environment [12:40]

Different starting lines for body awareness [17:11]

We have way more than 5 senses [20:00]

Racheting [22:32]

How space and place inform the human experience [34:12]

The human body as central to understanding space [39:19]

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A reel about postural sway

Exactly how many senses do we really have?

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